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Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Tax Banquet 2023

  • What are the dates of the event?

July 13-17, 2023

  • Will there be any discounts?

The prices listed right now are our “Early Bird Sale”, which will increase on May 31st
(Get your tickets NOW!!!)

Stay tuned and follow us on our social media accounts to be updated on upcoming discounts and promos!

  • Are refunds available?

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. You can read the full policy at the bottom of this page.

  • What is the itinerary for each day?

Our full itinerary will be sent to each attendee when we open our full event registration.

  • Are meals provided?

Dinner will be provided at our awards banquet. In addition Breakfast will be provided for guest who are staying at our host hotel. We will also be providing meals during our ceremony and yacht experience.

  • Where is the event located?

We will be experiencing this event at our host hotel. We prefer all guest use the host hotel for accommodations to ensure you don’t miss any events. Discounts for rooms are available. Please contact us to request your room reservation link.

  • Is there transportation from the airport to the the hotel?

You have the ability to use Uber, Lyft, Rental Car, or any other means of transportation.

  • Is this event tax deductible?

We are not a fully accredited course but many tax professionals and business owners that invest into a development course and experience such as this can be written off. We highly suggest you seek your tax professional for any additional questions to qualify.

  • Is recording permitted during any sessions?

No personal recording is permitted. The event will be recorded by the designated audio/visual team only.

  • Can I bring a spouse or another guest?

Absolutely!!! This conference will touch everyone in a magical way!! Feel free to purchase tickets for your spouse and all other guests that you would like to invite. It is sure to be an event that everyone will benefit from.

  • Can I purchase multiple tickets at once?

We would love for you to purchase multiple tickets!! However, you will have to purchase each person’s ticket separately (with their information listed) as every person’s information will need to be recorded.

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